Tim Arnold
Next-Level Teamwork

The 5 Tensions to Manage for High-Performance Teams

Are you tired of dreading Monday morning? Does working in a dysfunctional team drain your energy and leave you feeling defeated? 

If so, this playbook is your ultimate guide to breaking free from this cycle and unlocking your team’s full potential. 

Let’s face it, most teams don’t work. Dysfunction, drama, and division run rampant, making your workweek feel like a never-ending battle.

But there’s hope! 

While other teams run away from tension, you’re going to learn to embrace it. You will learn to harness the power of healthy tension in these five key areas, equipping you to shift your team from unproductive to unstoppable:

  1. Build trust by focusing on tasks AND relationships.
  2. Increase engagement by leveraging structure AND flexibility.
  3. Have courageous conversations through truthful AND tactful communication.
  4. Align your team to win by promoting collaboration AND independence.
  5. Unleash ownership by increasing empowerment AND accountability.

This book does not provide you with miracle cures or magical formulas. What it does offer is something even more valuable: an actionable plan. By implementing the “plays” outlined in this book, you will set your team on the path to success. 

Life is simply too short to settle for working in a dysfunctional team!

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This free resource will help you to apply the key concepts and big ideas.

Next-Level Teamwork

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