Tim Arnold
Tim Arnold

Unleash the superpower of “Both/And” thinking in an “Either/Or” world.

As a leader, it often feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle against broken systems, impossible demands, and unreasonable people.

My keynotes, courses, and books will help you overcome these challenges and give you the skills and confidence needed for leadership success.

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1-hour presentations that motivate and inspire your audience to reach higher and dig deeper. Virtual and in-person options available.

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A self-directed 5-module course that will help you thrive in a world of complexity and polarization.


Insightful and engaging virtual and in-person programs that boost morale, develop leadership, and align teams to thrive.


Learn the one skill every leader needs to succeed. Unleash the superpower of “Both/And” thinking in an “Either/Or” world.

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In an either/or world, people are becoming polarized divided and stuck.

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Tim Arnold

Tim Arnold

Tim Arnold has spent over two decades helping leaders manage complexity, increase resilience, and deliver results, with clients that include The United Nations, Royal Bank of Canada, Allstate Insurance, Compassion International, Toyota, and Siemens. After running both a for-profit business and a homeless shelter, he leverages his real-world experience to help organizations pursue both profit and purpose. Tim’s work focuses on helping leaders unleash the superpower of Both/And thinking in an Either/Or world.

Beyond leadership and team development, Tim is an avid fisherman, world traveller, and really bad hockey player. His biggest accomplishments are being dad to Declan and Avryl, and husband to Becky.

What clients have to say:

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"The virtual keynote went very, VERY well. Tim did a great job customizing the content, so it was like having an internal/external person.

He listened, he knew us, and he brought something fresh to our journey. The CEO called it a “rocking session”!

Great leaders know how to spot the difference between a problem to solve and a tension to manage.

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Learn the skills and confidence needed for leadership success.

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